About Sparki

Charge & Go

A strong team with a passion for technology that strikes a balance between expertise and experience.

Our vision and mission

At Sparki, our goal is to shape the roadmap to sustainable mobility for future generations. Smooth traffic in a more sustainable world is our destination. Our mission is ambitious. Sparki wants to build Belgium’s most powerful, reliable, ultra-fast charging network at prime locations across the country.

Our values

Sparki is a young, vibrant company that’s brimming with energy. Our core values are just as powerful as our ultra-fast charging stations.

Sparki is endlessly inventive, with a flexible, ambitious team of tech trendsetters. We’re constantly finding new ways to bring innovation to life. Sparki’s continuous quest for perfection is what charts our course on the winding road to future mobility.

Who is Sparki?

In Charge

Laurent De Meester


Gorik Vandersanden

General Manager

Martine Ferment

Director of Operations

Wim Destrijker

Director of Brand Marketing

Filip Vautmans


Our partners

Our fellow travelers bring the turbo-charge to Sparki’s engine. Our location partners map out the course. Our strategic partners are our co-pilots.

Will sparks fly?

Do you own a prime location that generates plenty of traffic? Are you considering an on-site EV charger?