In the Fast Lane

Building an ambitious, fast-growing Belgian company with powerful EV charging stations at prime locations. Sparki is investing in ultra-fast charging on the go.

Start me up!

Radical speed already makes Sparki the top Belgian startup in tomorrow’s EV market. Our ambitions are crystal clear. Sparki wants to build the largest, most accessible, ultra-fast charging network in Belgium. Challenging? Absolutely. But that challenge is exactly what makes Sparki a top tier challenger. And that’s where we want to stay. Challenging is who we are, and it’s at the core of our corporate culture. But we do it with style.

Speed on the go

The electric spark is built into Sparki’s DNA. It’s even in our name. Sparki is synonymous with power, simplicity, and efficiency. Ultra-fast charging is our standard. For Sparki, a 300kW charging is the starting line of the future, not the finish line. If you’re looking for a fast-charging power station today, you’d better strap in for a long ride, because genuine fast chargers are few and far between. But that’s what makes Sparki different. We’re bringing you speed where you need it most: on the go.

Charging the future

Sparki is at the leading edge of tech progress, and we’re committed to radical innovation. Because technology gives mobility new drive. We believe that innovation can be an engine for growth. As an innovative Belgian company with federal investment company FPIM as our financial partner, Sparki is in a unique position to guarantee future growth.

Are you on board?

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