Ultra-fast electric charging in prime locations with profit sharing for exclusive site partners in Belgium.

Charge & Go

Sparki is building Belgium’s most efficient ultra-fast EV charging network at AAA locations across the country. From the gas station around the corner to the parking lot of your favorite store, from key suburb-to-city routes to your local big box store and far beyond, each power station is strategically positioned at prime locations in high-traffic areas. Easy access and fast charging – no detours necessary. That’s what we’re all about. Because slow is fine when you have time. Fast is better when you don’t. At Sparki, simplicity is power: Charge & Go!


Feel the Spark?

Technology is moving at the speed of light, and new tax structures in the Belgian market mean the EV landscape is rapidly evolving. Cars are electrifying faster than your smartphone can download new apps. That’s why Sparki has decided to work exclusively with +300kW charging stations. They’re ultra-fast. Because it’s our future, and yours, too.

Charging innovation

Sparki is investing in tomorrow’s ultra-fast charging stations today, because electric mobility is changing fast. Always quickest, that’s our roadmap. But we can’t deliver on that promise alone. Our partners are crucial to our success. Meet the high-tech players in the EV market.

Are you onboard?

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